12 Interesting Facts About Drones

12 Interesting Facts About Drones

12 Interesting Facts About Drones

The drones were used for military purposes when they were first invented. Today, however, they can be used for other purposes, such as scientific research, recreational use, agricultural use, commercial use and observation. Now in this article we will give you interesting information about drones.

12 Interesting Facts About Drones

*The ambulance drone that the students invented, aims to reach the injured people and deliver medical supplies. In addition, there is a communication system on the drone with camera, microphone and speaker devices, which gives information about how to intervene at the scene.

*In some regions of Africa and Asia, there is a program in which drones are used to catch poachers.

*Before the drones were invented, the photographers were taking pictures from the sky with the cameras they put on the kites.

*In the Netherlands, some eagles are trained to deal with drones.

*In the United States, it is estimated that there will be more than 30,000 drones in the sky in about 10 years.

*The US is the country that uses military drones most. It is estimated that 20% of the US navy aircraft are drones.

*In 2012, more US pilots received drone training than the number of pilots trained for bombers and combat aircraft.

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*Drones that have become so popular for entertainment and consumer use, there is now a drone race track.

*The drones were first used in the Iran-Iraq war in 1980.

*Now the old war planes are not suitable for military use, are being used as target practice for drones.

*Drones are believed to have been discovered by Nikola Tesla.

*Just one week before the September 11 attack, the first armed drone flights began.

*Farmers are able to spray drones with fields, as well as use drones to check the condition of the plants and determine which areas are ready for harvest.

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